Client: Advent Healthcare Partners
Date: 2018-2020
Services: Visual Design, UX

Project Context


CAVO, a product suite of Advent Health Partners, is a web-based platform that allows healthcare organizations to digitize, audit, and analyzes medical records. Aditionally, using a proprietary OCR – it streamlines digital records, health professionals fluidly review, edit and intuitively searched medical records. 

Project Goals:

Utilizing UX design principles and best practices, I was tasked with redesigning the web app, while hitting core principles:

  1. Synchronizing CAVO brand principles with Google Material Design principles in the product.
  2. Create cohesive brand guidelines in the form of a Styleguide.
  3. Develop specific features as dictated by end-users
  4. Refine user flow throughout the web app

My Role

As the a UI/UX designer, I was involved in all phases of the project, from mapping out the problem to delivering final designs. I worked with a  cross-functional team of engineers, QA, and a project manager.

Challenges and Limitations


Though basic content (assessments, images, color, etc) existed, it was lacking in organization, consistency, and clarity at the time of the project.

Users vs Stakeholder

Due to workings remotely, access to users for research, interviews to determine needs and behaviors – internal stakeholders became a pseudo user, to filter what and how CAVO performed.

Auditing the Original Design Issues

I performed an audit of the existing design to identify issues that may affect a user’s experience – in which yielded of lack of brand guidelines or cohesive with multiple colors, no font definition, wrong use of components, etc

Audit Issues

UI Styleguide

From this observation on user and task flow, design issues that were present,I forgo sketching/wireframing per stakeholder requirement not to change alot – I commenced creating a UI Styleguide. Using the quasi Atomic Design principles inconjuction with the design of a dashboard, a styleguide was created as the foundation to design the screens. 

Ui Styleguide

Visual Design Overhaul

Design Approach & Rationale:

  • Re-designed the navbar particular the menu into one for a functional seamless location for users
  • Updated user flow and sitemap to determine scope of key screens that were missing; designed a dashboard/homepage, Library, notes
  • Reimagine the color palette to ensure no clashing colors when used in contrast
  • Drove consistency across page layouts and buttons while maintaining clear visual/informational hierarchy

*Screens were developed with responsiveness in mind, however at 1200px minimum size per clients request.

New Dashboard
New Dashboard
Library Collapsed
Library Collapsed
Single Document View
Single Document View
Itemize Bill
Itemize Bill
Itemize Bill - Filtering
Itemize Bill - Filtering