Embracing experiential marketing because consumers share what they like and love.


LaKart is an agile marketing company that specializes in Poppins, experiential campaigns, exhibitions and launch events.
The mission of its founder, Paula Otero is to deliver big results by the experience of a human touch.
Client: Lakart
Date: 2016
Services: Visual Design


Lakart lacked the urban visual drag to appeal to today’s customers.
With some digging into the brand and industry, it became clear what was needed – a visual makeover.

LaKart needed to


The Rebranded Version Of “La Kart”


Itself As Leader

My Strategy


The Visual Interface


Consumer Experiential Services


To differentiate it from the market, I performed desirability tests to meet different solutions.


Art Direction

Main Titles

Lato Bold, Size: 40px, Leading: 44px, Tracking: 0em

Copy Text

Airelon Light, Size: 20px, Leading: 28px, Tracking: 0em

Quotes & Highlight

Airelon Light, Size: 16px, Leading: 22px, Tracking: 0em

Color Selection

Black, white and orange colors along with with pink highlights communicated, professionalism and success.


Web design Iterations

To make sure LaKart’s visual language in photography and personality, mockups were designed for the website.