Pineapple Fitness

Brand identity

Pineapple Fitness is a fitness apparel company that markets to hotels and business. The goal was to create a brand identity geared towards fitness orientated tourists.

Client: Pink Pineapple
Date: 2015
Services: Logo & Stationery

Logo Sketches

Over a 2 day period, I doodled a few different sketches, to capture the body in motion. I explored varied options such as typography and organic ideas in iconography forms.
These were the most promising:

Brand Exploration

I explored color, shape, and fonts. The first screen is a screen capture of my artboard in Adobe Illustrator.


Preselected Concepts

I presented a range of concepts to the client, that I thought reflected the best to the brand. I use this format, so they can see the work both large and small, and with and without text.
I happened to have been right. This was a very decisive client, she chose one concept WITH SMALL TWEAKS. (see final approved logo below). Love it when at one strike!


Logo Concept:This concept provides a few meanings: I placed emphasis on movements encapsulated in a pineapple. Second, the exercise evoked fun. Third, the full range of colors made the brand attractive, bright, and memorable.

 The client was very pleased. Total time spent: approx. 18 hrs.

Brand Extension

Stationery Branding: Being it a growing business, I expanded the identity to business cards and letterhead.